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Molecular Hydrogen Catheter Kit

Through better design, the Insightra Ultra 7Fr catheter allows common fluid-filled technology in a smaller catheter with no compromise on lumen size.

This ULTRA 7FR IAB catheter is a true 7Fr (including the wrapped balloon), so it will pass through all 7Fr sheaths.

7Fr means a 23% reduction on cross-sectional area (vs. a competitive 8Fr), which results in over 20% better distal blood flow in a 4.0mm femoral artery.(1)

Dilon CoPilot Video Laryngoscope

Better vision when you need it most. The Dilon CoPilot Video Laryngoscope Plus solves the number one problem clinicians experience during intubation. This occurs when the user can see the vocal cords, but can't direct the ETT through the vocal cords. The Dilon CoPilot's Bougie Port helps deliver a standard bougie directly where the camera is looking which allows you to thread your ETT over the bougie in the standard fashion. The CoPilot maximized your likelihood of first-pass success while reducing risks of patient trauma. Get it right the first time with the Dillon CoPilot.