Dilon CoPilot Video Laryngoscope

Better vision when you need it most. The Dilon CoPilot Video Laryngoscope Plus solves the number one problem clinicians experience during intubation. This occurs when the user can see the vocal cords, but can't direct the ETT through the vocal cords. The Dilon CoPilot's Bougie Port helps deliver a standard bougie directly where the camera is looking which allows you to thread your ETT over the bougie in the standard fashion. The CoPilot maximized your likelihood of first-pass success while reducing risks of patient trauma. Get it right the first time with the Dillon CoPilot.

Product Features

The Dilon CoPilot Video Laryngoscope+ offers the vision you need.

  • Increase first-time success rate with the Dilon CoPilot, a video laryngoscope that can be used for ALL tracheal intubations.

  • The CoPilot Bougie Port is designed to make video intubation faster and easier by guiding the ETT straight to the glottis.

  • The Bougie Port is optional so you have the flexibility to use the rigid reusable stylet included in your purchase instead.

  • The patented Bougie Port increases first-attempt success rates for intubations by helping you “get around the corner.” The angulated blades conform to the natural curve of the oropharynx, meaning less manipulation of the patient’s airway anatomy.

The Dilon CoPilot offers inexpensive accessories and state-of-the-art safety features benefitting the user and patient.

  • The CoPilot’s disposable blades are the least expensive of any video laryngoscope on the market, and the cost of its disposable blades are equivalent to the cost of reprocessing a standard blade.

  • The device is compact and comes with a carry case that fits multiple disposable blades, so you can take it anywhere needed.

  • The CoPilot comes with an IV mount so you can easily see the screen at eye level. This unit offers the flexibility to choose your method of intubation, either by stylet or bougie.

  • The Lithium Polymer battery provides 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge, so emergency response teams can trust the CoPilot will be ready when needed. This device can also be used while on power supply.

  • Individually wrapped disposable sheaths eliminate the chances of cross contamination between uses. Plus, a release button allows users to remove the disposable sheath without having to physically touch the blade after use.

  • The CoPilot is designed so that only the disposable sheath comes into contact with the patient. High-level cleaning of the device is not required in between uses.

  • This device requires less force thanks to the blade shape and design, which significantly lowers the risk of patient trauma.


Apex Medical Products is proud to distribute the CoPilot system throughout the Southeastern United states including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee